Zealeo Organic Palm Sugar, 500g

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Palm Sugar is made form the sap of palm trees. Palm sugar has 23 forms of naturally occurring essential minerals & vitamins which are not found in cane sugar.

Palm sugar is known for its traditional values of Ayurveda, may use it for weight loss management as well. Palm sugar is the only plant based natural source of B12.

Palm Sugar is often mistaken for Coconut Sugar, which is not a source of B12. Palm Sugar comes from  Palmyra trees that wildly grow across southern parts of India, while Coconut Sugar comes from Coconut Trees.

Palm Sugar can be used instead of sugar. It can be mixed with your favorite beverage or smoothie mix and shake well for proper mixing.


Product Details

  • Only Vegetarian source of vit.B12
  • Low GI=41, better for diabetics, weight loss
  • Rich in iron and calcium
  • Effective against cough and cold.
  • Good for pregnant women to avoid gestational diabetes
  • Good source of thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid, protein, vitamin C.
  • DO NOT MIX IT IN HOT BOILING MILK; it will curdle just like jaggery. Trick is to mix in the palm sugar after you poured your choice of hot beverage in to the cup and stirring continuously until it dissolves (which is not more than 10secs).


Organic Palm Sugar.